The IYYUN Kollel

full-spectrum Torah and Transformation

Application for the ketoret limmud (May 7-11): 

Sunday: 10am-8pm; Monday-Wednesday: 6:30pm-10pm, Thursday: 5:30pm-8:30pm + end-of-Limmud fabrengen


The program will provide kosher MEALS on Sunday (lunch and dinner) and Thursday, and offer a STIPEND of $13/hour for FULL attendance (approximately  22 hours of learning) , PUNCTUAL arrival and COMPLETION of our curriculum. For PARTIAL attendance (not more than one day of absence), the Iyyun Kollel will issue a $100 stipend, in total.

We strongly encourage applying together with your HEVRUTAH  (if you don't have one we will do our best to match you with another participant with similar set of learning skills).

 By submitting your application you are agreeing to comply with the requirements of the program as expressed on this page.

Please consider that there's a limited number of spots and apply ASAP!  

We are looking for men of any age with: 

  • love for and experience in learning Torah;
  • passion for broader intellectual, practical, or creative pursuits; 
  • desire for an intensive learning experience that is outside the full-time yeshiva/kollel system. 

—Please send us a short personal statement about your past experiences with learning in both religious and secular environments. This can include Yeshiva, Kollel, University, Trade School, Day School, Art School, Yoga training, etc. 

—Please include a sentence or two with each entry articulating what you gained from these prior learning experiences. 

—Please summarize your present landscape of learning (1-10 sentences). 

—Please list any other creative, professional or intellectual pursuits or projects that you are currently or have been involved in that might help us gain a better understanding of your broader interests and intentions. 

—Please include at least one rabbinical, academic or professional reference (phone/email) 

—Please make sure to inform us if you plan on  attending FULLY or PARTIALLY


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