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We are happy to announce our upcoming Limmud program of the IYYUN Kollel for 5779:

Ner/Candle (December, 9-13 2018)
Sunday (Dec. 9th): 10am-6pm;
Monday-Wednesday (Dec. 10-12): 6:30pm-10pm;
Thursday, (Dec.13th):  5pm-8:30pm, plus end-of-Limmud farbrengen. 

With the leadership of our esteemed Rosh Ha’Kollel Rav DovBer Pinson, we will indulge in full-spectrum Chevrusa learning on the theme, plus Davening, guided practice, discussion sessions, shiurim and other guest lectures to be announced. 


In this limmud we will explore the theme of “Ner/Candle” in Torah. Ner is one of the essential metaphor of the human soul and the key element for creating a spiritual light of Torah and Mitzvos. What does it mean do be a vessel for the infinite light?

As we light the candles on Chanukah, we will explore the spiritual dimensions of Ner/Candle in our daily lives, its Halachic ramifications in modern times and its role within our avodas hashem, service of the Divine.

In our kaleidoscopic fashion we will migrate from the midrashic facets surrounding Shemiah/Hearing as it appears in Tanach and continue with halakhic, Kabalistic and Chasidic texts including philosophical and psychological considerations pertaining to our everyday life including scientific aspects related to this topic.