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We are happy to announce our second Limmud program of the IYYUN Kollel for 5778:

Mishush/Touch (May 6-10, 2018)
Sunday (May 6th): 10am-8pm;
Monday-Wednesday (May 7-9): 6:30pm-10pm;
Thursday, (May 10th):  5pm-8:30pm, plus end-of-Limmud farbrengen. 

With the leadership of our esteemed Rosh Ha’Kollel Rav DovBer Pinson, we will indulge in full-spectrum Chevrusa learning on the theme, plus Davening, guided practice, discussion sessions, and shiurim by Rabbi Shlem Ber Shuchat and other guest lectures to be announced. 


In this limmud we will explore the theme of “touch” in Torah. This is the only sense that requires actual physical contact in order to function. What does it mean that we are prohibited from touching certain things that have kedushah (holiness), and certain things that have tumah (impurity)? What are deeper implications of physical contact that have relevance for our lives today, when boundaries between people have corroded and “being in touch” has come to mean only virtual connection?

We will proceed through a carefully curated curriculum with Hebrew and English sources from Tanakh and Midrash, Gemara and Halacha, Chassidic and Kabbalistic sources, as well as expose ourselves to scientific, philosophical, and poetic lenses on the theme.