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We are happy to announce our first Limmud program of the IYYUN Kollel for 5778:

Einaim/Eyes (February 18-22, 2018)
Sunday (Feb. 18): 10am-8pm;
Monday-Wednesday (Feb. 19-21): 6:30pm-10pm;
Thursday, (Feb.22):  5pm-8:30pm, plus end-of-Limmud farbrengen. 

With the leadership of our esteemed Rosh Ha’Kollel Rav DovBer Pinson, we will indulge in full-spectrum Chevrusa learning on the theme, plus Davening, guided practice, discussion sessions, and shiurim by Rabbi Shmuel Braun and other guest lectures to be announced. 


This Limmud we will be exploring Einaim/Eyes, one of the highly sensitive limbs of our body. In appropriate to our times we will be focusing on "eyes and temptation” in Judaism as a continuous reminder of our human body’s gifts and venerabilities. We will also connect our study in contemplation with the time of Adar, the month when we celebrate the miracle of Purim and relive the story of Ester by focusing on “hiding and concealing”. 

In our kaleidoscopic fashion we will migrate from the midrashic facets surrounding Einaim/Eyes as it appears in Tanach and continue with halakhic, Kabalistic and Chasidic texts including philosophical and psychological considerations pertaining to our everyday life including scientific aspects related to this topic.