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Goals & Methodology

The IYYUN Kollel is a quarterly program of intensive Torah learning, which seeks to mobilize a full-spectrum selection of texts and practices for personal transformation  and inter-communual  integration. 

The Method

The Kollel’s unique methodology utilizes the integrative structure of the PaRDeS to explore a single topic from a variety of perspectives. The entire corpus of Torah scholarship—from Chumash and Tanach, to Midrash and Mufarshim, to Mishnah and Gemara, to Halacha and Poskim, to Kabbalah and Chassidut—is utilized to develop a multifaceted and profound understanding of the chosen object that includes both legalistic detail and philosophic depth. You’ve never learned like this before, and you’ll never learn the same after.

The Goals

Inner work: In addition to rigorous traditional text study, special attention will be given to practical “inner-work,” including mussar, meditation, take-home spiritual exercises, and regularly scheduled daily prayer.

Relevant Torah: The Iyyun Kollel is committed to the continued conversation between Torah and the world at large. After building our foundation in Torah texts we will engage and include insights, readings and lectures on the theme from visiting scholars representing related fields in the sciences,  humanities, and arts.

Bridging Communities: It is an explicit goal of the Iyyun Kollel to bring together diverse groups of Jews from across the spectrum of the Jewish world in order to learn with and from each other in a diverse and dynamic environment. All should feel welcome to apply (although at this point we are only able to accept men).